Zero-G hand-based movement, locomotion mechanics similar to Lone Echo/Echo VR (Updated 1/23/19)

This is my attempt at recreating a similar Zero-G VR locomotion system to the one found in the Lone Echo/Echo VR games.

It allows you to grab onto walls, and push yourself off as if you were floating in 0g. There are also thrusters on your hands that activate with the B/Y buttons, and boost/air-brakes on the thumbstick clicks. The button layout is the same as the Echo VR games. I also included the object-grabbing/throwing ability from the original VR template.

UPDATED 1/23/19:
Finally got a head-bounce working, when the player bumps into a wall, they now gently bounce off it, in a somewhat realistic way, similar to EA.
Disabled the smooth-turning I was using before, switched to a basic 45’ snap/comfort turning mode, since a couple people asked.
Also added the same boost/air-brake functionality from EA, although my speed settings for those are a little different than EA’s.
Oh, and I updated/loaded up the project into UE4.21.2 and everything seems to function great!

Project Download Link:…MU-TDMLEB9p5fj

Original post, old version links:

If you make something with this, just gimme credit for it somewhere, and if you don’t mind I’d love to know about it! I hope someone finds this useful! Let me know if you need help, I’ll try to respond, tho it may take time sometimes.

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It seems you are the only person who published this type of locomotion! Thank you, you are literally the only person who is enabling me to work on a game idea xD

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