Zelda Ocarina of time in UE4

Hey guys :slight_smile:

I am working on making a zelda ocarina of time like game in UE4. Here a quick showcase of some basic stuff:

This is a really early state and will be improved.
Do you have any thoughts or imput what I can improve? Leaf a commend I would much appreciate it :slight_smile:

This looks awesome so far, can’t wait to see how it turns out.

Although pretty cool, this is basically the same as pirating, if not worse, and shouldn’t be allowed around here. It infringes copyright laws, and I consider a pretty disrespectful move to other game developers that are trying to create their own thing.

Why not put a little more effort, create your own models and make your own zelda-like game? There’s nothing wrong in using similar mechanics and story, just not straight up using a successful game’s name and models. My advice is use your skill to try and do something you can look at and actually call it your own.

Thanks happy you like it so far :slight_smile:

I kinda agree with you but you have to think about some points.

  1. I will never see even a dollar for this I make it only for fun since I am a big zelda fan.
  2. This is the very first thing I do in UE4 or any other game engine and I can’t model nor animate. I do this to learn UE4 basicly.
  3. I give all creedits to nintendo it’s obvious I didnt make the models and stuff .
  4. I alone will never be able to creat a game on the same level as the orginal. Gameplay and contend wise.
  5. Nintendo will see no damage form this its not like less people will buy their games because of what I do here.

Would you still call this “pirating”? Please see it as a hobby made fan-game from a zelda fan for zelda fans and not something to make money or steal from nintendo.

Disrespectful to other people here? Are you pompous and stuck up or something? Realize this is a fan game and only Nintendo can give a cease and desist. Considering he will never see money for it I’d say let him make it on his own time. He’s showcasing his skills and excitement, and that’s all there is to it. I don’t want to pin you as an outright snob, so I’ll give the benefit of the doubt.

Hey bud, I’m just sharing my point of view and trying to encourage original work instead of fan games. No need to be so harsh about it. Also, money is not the only way one can benefit from something like this.

This looks really cool, you did a great job of recreating the environment and gameplay. Obviously still rough around the edges but with polish and some tweaking of the physics it will look pretty faithful to the original. How much of the game do you intend to recreate?

On the subject of copywrite, although Nintendo can shut you down for the work you’ve done already, they’re not likely to if you keep the scope of the project very small. For example, keep the content to just Kokiri Forest, with a couple of enemies to fight as a showcase of your ability, and as a fan project.

I wouldn’t recommend trying to go bigger than that. Remember that it doesn’t make any difference if your project is free, the assets are all your own creation and you give credit to Nintendo. If they haven’t given explicit permission to use the Zelda IP, then it’s copywrite infringement.

Hey bud, I’m just sharing my point of view and trying to encourage original work instead of fan games. No need to be so harsh about it. Also, money is not the only way one can benefit from something like this.

One of the main ways several very famous game developers became game developers was working for mods on certain games as well as fan games of game brands. I am only so hard on you as you need to realize that learning an engine with any kind of project is more or less a good thing in the sense of knowledge and education. And anything that may benefit him through this project that is not money does not seem wrong, to be honest. Are you really that pompous that he shouldn’t get exposure for doing something he loves? I don’t think you are, but that’s the way you’re coming across. What about that fan who created a realistic Star Trek level? That video he posted received millions of views as well as thousands of fans rejoicing at the sight of something so amazing. Should you put him down too? I only attack you because of the attitude you are having to those that still worked to create something out of a medium they enjoyed, I just hope you realize this.

Who are you to call anyone a snob?

The bottom line is that if someone was going to expend an ounce of effort, it makes more sense to do it for your own project instead of piggyback someone else’s vision. The only people who would have a problem with that are hacks and children. Which are you?

I am calling him a snob based on his comments. I think his comments were a little pompous, though I don’t think he intended for them to be. Second, for all you know this person could be in highschool, just learning about game development. To learn how to become better is by experience, and this is experience. Is it wrong for him to learn in this field? And he is making a fan project because he loves the property that Nintendo has made. Note that I think if you make your own ideas that’s even better, but you have no information on how new this person is, and you also know he’s just doing it because he likes Zelda, not to profit off of Nintendo. Multiple famous game developers started working on fan games. If we look at present day those that made Black Mesa used a Valve property and learned and created a game. i.e, it doesn’t matter how someone learns, just that they grow from the experience and learn.

I am not saying this is the same as creating your own IP. But to be pompous about it is just ridiculous, when some of the industry greats who are CEOs of some of the big companies did the very same thing. Not only that but very prominent members created fan art of games they love too. The Last of US, Zelda, Pokemon, etc. Go on Polycount and you will find fan work of IPs as well. You need to realize learning and growing in experience does not matter if it’s a unique idea or not. Your ultimatum is null, sorry, I expect a reply unless you agree I’m right, not trying to be mean, if it’s coming off such as.

You’re the last person who should be deriding anyone for being pompous.

If he/she is in high school, then he is being taught by the community (because apparently you’re all about learning) that he/she is partaking in thievery. It doesn’t matter who else has done it before and who else will do it after. If you’re not working to develop your own ideas and you’re attempting to piggyback off the hard work someone else put in into an IP just to make a name for yourself, you’re a hack. There is no in-between. The only reason he/she used Link and Kokiri Forest isn’t to learn. It’s to get hits to his Youtube video. He could have learned all the same without being an art thief.

The only reason you should have a problem with that is if you partake in the same behavior. Shame on you.

Hey bud, I’m just sharing my point of view and trying to encourage original work instead of fan games. No need to be so harsh about it. Also, money is not the only way one can benefit from something like this.

I see your point, kind of.

Pissess me off when somebody puts Mario in Kite Demo scenario and make 3 million views on Youtube (6k usd?).

But unless he distributes the game, he ain’t gonna break anybody’s balls.

I actually don’t partake on using original IPs, I’m an artist in the industry mind you. Do note that his Youtube channel has 6 subs. How else is he supposed to show his work in video format? Youtube is ease of access and you’re now just picking at straws. Everyone uses Youtube, big or small. And he even stated he is just showing his love for the Zelda franchise, and won’t be selling it. He is just showcasing what he has done so far. Know that many people who work in Nintendo who helped create the Zelda IP did the exact same thing in creating fan work, art and etc of original IPs. Are you really telling me that the hundreds of PROFESSIONAL ARTISTS on Polycount, some of who are very prominent in the Polycount forum are hacks just because they create fan art of original IPs? Are you serious? Many of these same people you call hacks work for Ubisoft, Blizzard, Activision and more. The fact that you call artists hacks who create fan work shows just how twisted you are thinking.

As an artist in the industry it is really quite sad that you could potentially be picking on a thirteen year old. I hope you have a good day, and I hope you change your opinion on the hundreds of professional artists who make fanwork of original IPs that they’re hacks too. Good day.

Hey everyone, let’s calm down and continue a civil conversation. It is the OP’s responsibility whether to use existing IP’s or not. If you want to give advice then go for it but lets not fight over it.

Wow what Happend here I don’t even wanna read all this doesn’t seem very produktiv.

It was worth the try but maybe I should keep my work for my self. But I will continue with this for sure. I am 19 and I used to play ocarina of time with my dad. It’s like the best memorys I got. And I had a hack Lot of fun making this game and stunning my dad with happyness when I showed it to him. So I thought I might be able to share this with some more people. But it seems like this went in the oposide direction.

Don’t be discouraged. Copywrite issues are a touchy subject as there have been a few projects started in UE4 that have been blatant infringement and the arguments have been quite heated (as you can see).

Ultimately, just keep this project to a small learning one for fun and you’ll be fine. Nintendo gain nothing from shutting down little projects like this, so they won’t bother unless you get too big and try to release a playable game.

Please do keep posting footage and screenshots, you’ve made a good start!

Thanks for the nice words :slight_smile: I have some questions since I have no clue about copyright laws. What is the worst thing that can happen? Just that it get’s shut down and I can’t show it here and stuff or could I also get some kind of money fine as punishment for valuationg their copyrights?
And can I upload the game (for free of cause) so other people can test it or can I just show it in videos?

Amazing work !
Keep it up. Don’t let ppl discourage you and just do your thing.


It looks good , i learn in the same way.

I find it alot easier and less time consuming to use existing models, rather then learn how to create the models, adding months to what is purely a hobby.

Nope, because if it came down to it Nintendo would probably send you a cease and desist. Where did the models/world/textures come from? If these models have come out of another Zelda game then you’re breaking EULA im sure.

It already happened for the Mario HD remake.

But also, check this out: