Zbrush Normal texture to Unreal 4

Hi all,

I’ve got my normal texture done in zbrush, but when import it into unreal 4 it doesn’t detect it. Other normal bakes
from other external tools do it? Does anybody experienced this too? What could be causing this? Can
you still change the texture properties and correct them to worldnormal/compression DX5 set to normal. Would
this be ok and work as well?. Or is something not right from the zbrush normal bake? Thanks!!

If UE4 doesnt recognize the normal map as normal map you can always set it’s compression setting in the texture editor and it wont cause any problem.

I don’t do normal bakes in Zbrush anyway, I have had some really abnormal things happen within zbrush. I export the HP back to Maya and bake there using goZ.