This may be below the scope of this forum, sorry if so. I’m using UE4.

Can you manually control the z order of objects in the screen? More specifically I would like to place objects in the scene that are actually very far away from the player, but render in front of everything else.

Coming from Unity, I believe the equivalent of what I need was render queues.

Any help is appreciated,

Thank you

Not really. This was available in UE3 but is not really in UE4 yet AFAIK.

If it s a translucent material on the object you can force it to render on top of everything else though, but turning off the depth rendering in the material properties.

That will probably do just fine for now. Thanks for the idea.

Massive necro, I know. Is this a thing yet? I know we have custom depth but it doesn’t seem as functional as Unity’s render queues.

I’d be looking to create effects like these: