Z-Fighting-like flickering effect on all materials

Good afternoon all!

So, I have been having this unusual effect on all my materials in a specific project. I am not sure if there’s a project setting, or if something has corrupted along the way. This flickering effect has started on all my materials if I open them, including all the unreal default materials and background viewer. They’re grey flickers in the viewer and black flickers in the editor.

I haven’t tried migrating yet as it’s a project in source control, which will be a big pain. Figured i’d check here first if anyone has dealt with this before. Thankyou!

For anyone else having this issue, I went back to this as it was happening in our other projects.

The solution is to turn OFF Mobile Multi-view. The UE will look normal again. While I am not a coder so I am unsure why this happens, it also seems I get a better framerate with it off too.

You have rescued me from a very annoying situation, my friend. That was exactly the problem I was having.
Incidentally, mine started after I created a new material for a new model I just imported that employed the “Pixel Depth Offset” parameter. I didn’t like how many shader instructions that created (since my application is 100% VR) so I removed it. But then 75% of my materials started z-fighting, despite my not touching them. It’s so weird.

Disabling “Mobile Multi-view” fixed it. And like CharlotteHoloVR said: my frame-rates increased noticeably.