You do not have sufficient permission to save the following content to disk


Can anyone explain why this might be happening? Im getting this right after I import a Rhino 6 file with large meshes in UE4.2. I am taking advantage of the the new rhino import features by importing using blocks. Any thoughts? Just dont want to have to reimport everyday.


Message Below:

"You do not have sufficient permission to save the following content to disk. Any changes you make to this content will only apply during the current editor session.


I have had similar issues. I think they are related to the Epic Launcher, because its connection seems very spotty. Often, when I open Epic Launcher after it sitting for a while minimized on the windows tray, I get just blank black screen with green loading bar at the bottom for infinitely long amount of time. Then I close it, when I reopen it it again loads for about a minute, and then signs me out and wants me to sign in again. Only then, it starts working again. And it appears to me that Datasmith licence is being periodically checked by checking the user account, which is logged in through the launcher, not the actual editor, so if launcher goes down, so does the licence probably.

I am not sure if it’s licensing infrastructure deficiency or some unauthorized login prevention, given how many account theft attempts Epic had to deal with after Fortnite popularity explosion.

That that doesn’t look like a entitlement issue to me. Can you post a screenshot or video of what you see? You’re not telling us where and when the message is displayed. You should also log a support ticket we’re going to help you on a 1:1 basis

Hello all. Im not having entitlement issues actually, only saving after import through Datasmith. @pf_breton, The new window opens right after the import process is complete. It opens with the message log window. I will not be going back to this scenario until monday. But as soon as my day starts ill send over all supporting documents. I will start a ticket then as well. Thanks for the advice.

On the other note. @Rawalanche I have noticed similar situations for me as well. I try to keep the launcher active when using Datasmith. Especially if reimporting.

P.S. Im a Rhino user. Ive only begun to use 4.2 and the New Datasmith, but i like where its going! Good Job

After importing entities, each static mesh object is saved to disk as a separate uasset file. Is it possible that you imported the content using a project that has restricted permissions? I can think of a couple scenarios:

  • Unreal tries to save the information to a directory that is locked or does not have sufficient permissions (is the project local to your machine or on a network share?)
  • The file path reached the 256 character limit and our error message is not clear about that → defect on our end
  • Unique ids used to save the files from rhino entities contain characters that are illegal → defect on our end

Our support team will help you out and we will fix defects associated with this if any

I’m facing similar issues here. When I import a Rhino model, I got the same message “You do not have sufficient permission to save the following content to disk. (…)”

This occured after updating to Unreal studio 4.20 this morning, while the error did not occur last week using the previous release. It only happend for a large model (125 MB, 12k objects), not for a small model (18 MB). I guess it also has to do with the 256 character limit.

" /Game/Import/[xx]/Geometries/5ca3267c-a010-4a93-b601-671c3ce1f9f515586e07-eb02-4834-80eb-eff8fd6e48fca2d7d44f-1e1a-4526-ab1a-8f818f4af9bcd89aabfd-9731-4d49-91f1-81272e89dc9b1bb211a2-2533-4223-8ff4-34696287453854207a32-9b5f-44ba-9bda-29b3f45ea3da_m "

Is your drive full by any chance?

Yes that might be possible. Although I’m working on my local E:\ drive, my C:\ drive is 99% full. I’ll have a look at that too.

Cleaned up the drive by deleting the DerivedDataCache, but issue is not resolved. Folder is located at C:\Users*[username]*\AppData\Local\UnrealEngine\Common.

Good Morning from LA!

Im about to recreate this now. I was thinking. I noticed in the How-To guide for Datasmith, the steps needed for a rhino import mention naming your objects in the properties panel. I have not used this feature so much on the rhino side, keeping my naming convention in the layers. I will see if this has something to do with it, and the 256 characters.

What im wondering is if i use blocks, will it replicate the name as well?

My disk is doing fine over here.

Ill post my findings shortly

Ok so still an issue. The file im importing is only 28 mb.

The properties of 1 of 2 meshes in question:
Valid mesh.
Closed double precision polygon mesh: 135250 vertices, 270696 faces
Bounding box: (-72.2306,5.02213,0.201903) to (-10.3878,61.4985,62.0748)

I tried renaming the obj and it helped with the organization inside the world outliner but im still getting this message:

A little more about the file, it has 2 blocks, replicated 5 times.

When you ask about the permission of the file, I have all files on my machine on the C:/ drive. It should be saving to my documents/ unreal projects

@pf_breton ton Ticket submitted.

I’m having the same saving “…don’t have permissions” issues with an imported Rhino 5 (or 6) file. The Rhino file was 478MB(!), so if it’s related to file size, that is part of it. However, I’ve successfully imported MANY Rhino 5 and 6 files prior to the update this week and have been able to successfully Save All. Not now. Drives are nowhere near full (+90%capacity left).

The error also occured for me for a 500 kB Rhino file. I re-installed 4.19 engine that uses the previous edition of datasmith. There, no errors occured for the same Rhino file.
I noted that 4.19 saves using shorter filenames too.

Were looking to fix this asap. Go ahead and submit those files as a defect report so we can increase our coverage. Thanks for your help and sorry for that.

HI there ,

Thanks for reporting the issue, we have reproduced it and logged a ticket which you can track the status of here:

I think I found the error for my problem:
The (small) Rhino model contained many layers, resulting in 6 folders in the World Outliner.
After eliminating one layer in the Rhino structure, Datasmith was able to import the same file.

Reducing the number of characters for in the layers did not have any effect.

The number of layers increases when the Rhino model contains Block Instances (linked files) that has additional layers too.

@marie-claude should know this

Hi Spinaze,

I know this frustrating and we are sorry about this.
Maybe your issue is something completely separated.
I suggest you log your Issue.
The Issue in this thread is more related to the unique name attributed to the mesh on import.
The importer is creating very long name and misleading error message.

The issue is fixed locally and will issue a hotfix as soon as we can…

The issue is fixed and available now! Hopefully, we did the right thing :slight_smile: Let us know if that works out.