You do not have sufficient permission to save the following content to disk.

Yes! Amazing. Thank you so much!

Hey, i have the same problem… I fixed that, desactivate Ransomware Protection, Folder Access of OneDrive in the Windows Config

I am still having this issue. Fresh install of Unreal Tournament Editor and cannot save a default level with no changes. Also giving me error when I go to save in UnrealEditor4(not tournament editor) a project that I was working on fine yesterday.

I’m having this issue trying to use 4.22. The issue doesn’t exist if I revert back to the 4.21 revit exporter, but now I’m stuck on 4.21 and can’t use the nice new ed stuff :frowning: [EDIT] After some more testing it turns out I can use the revit 4.21 exporter and import into UE4 4.22. :slight_smile:

Hi everyone!

I see this is an old post but since something similar is happening to me and I can’t seem to find a solution I think is a good place to find some help.
I have a project, I import a Datasmith export from Revit, when I do the error comes up telling me I can’t save the RevitMaster material, press OK, Datasmith just imports Materials and Textures but not geometry. Saving the content makes that error come up again and again which is extremely annoying so I have to delete all assets and re-import just to get the error all over again. I don’t really understand what is goin on, any suggestions? Thanks