You are not going to believe this

This is the weirdest thing. In some areas of my map I get these random spots where the textures refuse to display. The same textures show in all other areas, just not in a specific location of my Landscape. I only used 4 to start with so it should be easy to figure out, Just not for me. All the textures are imported correctly because they show in some spots but not others. . Check this out please and let me know why this is. Ill post an image here. Im losing my head over this. Are my areas just too steep, i know hat sounds dumb? but seriously whats happening here? But that cant be it either because well they’re every where else. Before I put my fist through this lovely i9-9900k LOL. My god man, and here I upgraded to a 1080ti with the i9-9900k processor and even maxed out my ram at 128. I’m wondering if i should bring out my 21070 i7 tower. It ran better LMAO! granted I’m about two weeks into this after a friend I shoot with at NBC says, HEY! try this Engine. You’ll just love it. I do but Ive got issues here. Help a 46 year cinematographer out here. I’d sure love to create a short story using this engine.

Ned Studios

Basicially your hardware is really good and it doesn’t depends of your issue with landscape. This video might be helpful and for sure you need do something else.

Hi, set your texture samplers to use “shared wrap”. Else you can only have a maximum amount of 16 different textures per landscape component.