YivanLee's UnrealShaderToy plugin

Hi!My name is Yivan Lee,I’m a Technical Artist from Chengdu China.CG became my hobby when I was 13. I love for computer games led me to GameDev. That time, I began learning about game engine(UE3 and Unity).As we all know, we can’t modify the main render pipeline of unreal engine 4。We can only edit our shader in the material editor. If we want to do something special which material editor can’t meet our needs, Using c++ to modify the engine is currently the only viable method. In order to avoid frequent modification of the engine So I made a plugin that can freely write code in the material editor.;base64

With this plugin, you can get rid of the shackles of the Unreal Material Editor in the Material Editor to create various effects.
RayMarching in unreal engine 4;base64;base64

You can do anything you want Even you can freely control the Engine shader logic directly in the material editor.;base64;base64
You can get this plugin on Github : GitHub - worisinima/UnrealShadertoy: Unreal shader toy plugin
You can also follow my blog for more information: 虚幻4渲染编程专题概述及目录 - 知乎