Yet another FPS blueprint tutorial...

Ah, I see, it is rebuilding some of the substance stuff. Kinda annoying though because I have nothing in there that uses the substance plugin. Oh well. Even when I got it to run I get an error in there that it can not find the steam online subsystem. And if I change the config to Null I still get that … they don’t make it easy, that’s for sure. Thanks.

right on that is for sure. If you go back to my post number 83 copy and paste that for steam stuff. If you copy and pasted from wiki there will be problems. Also make sure your steam is running I got some funky errors when I tried to launch and steam was off.

Yeah, my steam stuff is fine, with stock 4.9.2 it works like a charm. It only fails when built with the ‘custom’ 4.9.2 engine build and mods to make it a server. Oh well.

Yeh my steam isnt working either, I dont get any errors but as you can see in my video it wasnt refreshing. We’ll figure it out.

Eventually. I am moving on to the next part for the tutorial which is a Character and movement/animations.

Hey, will you cover stuff like choose map choose character(and different character abilities, like assult sniper etc?)

I hope to get there.

Have a good bit of the start of setting your character up, and setting animations and blend spaces. Loads more to go, but this is idle/walking/running with transitions via blend space. (bouncy because camera is actually tied to head motion, just moved it back so you could see the movements)

:frowning: thats isnt very promising :open_mouth:

Well if you read the tutorial, the plan is a full game. It would include those things. But I’m not here to make promises, I am doing my best and trying to provide something to help those in the community, but life happens sometimes and takes things off track. So sorry if I can not give perfect guidance on what will be in the tutorial and when.

Don’t worry arbopa, some people just ask for other people to work for free. I’m happy that I’m learning a lot of stuff with your tutorials and for free. Thanks for your time and dedication.

Added more to animation section. Crouching. Now I need to figure out how to take stuff like I have so far, and add in for the case of armed with a pistol or armed with a rifle. I have a feeling it will not be easy.

Anyway, here is crouching stuff:

Try to add a printstring like below and see if for some reason the array is getting messed up.

I did that, and it’s giving me the right values.

Something really weird is going on…

EDIT: If I launch the print string from the loop after AND array, it gives me all the values(like the screenshot above), but if I launch it from add inputs it launches only giving me Prone-Z value(like this screenshot: Screenshot - 812816f70bad22194418c974027c69c2 - Gyazo).

it only gives you one output on the last one because you are coming off the ‘completed’ line, not the loop body. Loop body will do it for each item in the array, from completed you will only get the last one it picked up.

Its ok. We are all happy with what u ve done so far :slight_smile:

Hey wanted to ask, will you cover aim offsets or u will use transform bone node?

Not sure yet, as I am not there yet. I will investigate all ways to do everything needed, then kinda pick what I think works best, or is less complicated to deal with. I am guessing right off that it will probably be aim offsets as those seem to be the most talked about, actually haven’t even heard about the other method.

I had success with transform bone, and none with aim offsets. but bone transform is pretty harsh method and unrealistic. u have to blend it very well.

I got something bugging me. If I set all my audio to say 75% save shut the game down , hit play and go back to my audio settings they have changed. If I set them all to 100 shutdown and relaunch they all stay at 100. I have gone over everything, Im beginning to think it has to do with the Victory Sound plugin.

then I’ll probably pick the more ‘realistic’ i guess, which seems to be aim offset. gotta finish the animation stuff first, then add weapons and weapon/class selection. So much to do, would be so much quicker if I didn’t have to work. :wink: