Yet another FPS blueprint tutorial...

When I first did that part I checked that and it worked like a charm. But I noticed the same thing recentlly, set them to say 80 or so and when you go back in they are at 40. I will go look into that now.

:smiley: nice. waiting for it.

Ok I got it I think. Go to Content browser, BluePrint Logic, then the sound folder, then Master. Break the links to master. Seems all is good but Im thinking it should have broke something else, maybe not.

Ah, that was killing me, I had prints all over and it was changing for no reason. That works. But I guess there is no point of a master if it doesn’t control all the others. I’m gonna remove mine.

I had the same thing, go download his blueprints and compare them, I forgot specifically what he forgot to do put in the tutorial(and I think it was a node that broke the link when we connected something else),but it was something really simple. Now mine saves :slight_smile: .

What’s bugging me now is the controls :confused:

EDIT: ardoba, Im uploading the files now. I’ll provide you the link shortly…

thats just what I was going to say if you know how to ftp username:worldpublic password: UnrealEngine4! you could stick your project there. I would check it out.

I sent you a PM.

hmm I dont see anything


Found it. In your MM_Controls -> GetActionKey, you were coming off of the Branch from the False and going back to the Brea in ForEachLoopWithBreak. You need to disconnect that and connect the True output on the Branch to that.

The sound thing is kicking my butt. I swear it worked before. I disconnected all the children from the master then when I reloaded they all went away. Ugh. So have them back in and just default master to level ‘1’ so it is full volume, and reconnected. And took it off the settings page. So you can set the others. Kinda annoying it effects the others like that. Gonna keep searching and try to figure it out.

OMG! You are the best. The controls work perfect and display the accurate information.
My sound is ok, … It saves pretty good. All I did was disconnect the load settings function from game instance. Then I went to connect something which I forgot… That it’s on MM_S_Sound.
I just remember I did everything you did in tutorial backwards… Disconnecting from the last part to the beginning and going back from the end and connecting them back. Sounds weird but it worked.(I was that desperate :smiley: yeah…)
Mountain dew might have the specific solution for the audio :wink:

ardopa Are you planning on adding two characters. 3rd person animations and mesh to be rendered and seen for other players online and first person animations with mesh(it can be full body or two arms) for only client to be seen. Are you planning on covering that?

Edit: I think you can have a full body and share animations from the third person animations such as walking to acomplish things like walking while reloading, etc.
That way you can have better reloading animations and such made specifically for first person to the client .

I have already started the character setup and animation movement stuff in the tutorial. I know some use 3rd person so others online see that, and you only see the arms. But that leads to several issues in my opinion, one being I need more animations just for the arms, and I need many set’s of arms to match the characters. Instead I am using a 3rd person mesh, and attaching the camera to it’s head, so yo can look up and down and see the legs and such, plus others online can see the whole thing, only one set of animations for everything needed. I am finishing up the latest bit right now and should have it online in just a bit.

Actually just finished adding prone stuff…

Hi guys slowly catching up, figured out a fix for the audio, volume is a multiplier, and seems to calculate the Master slider as a percentage of itself then the child slider as a percentage of that result.
master slider at 80%, child at 60%, would be 80% of 80= 64 , 60% of 64 = 38.4 , to reverse took me way longer to figure out than it should have. Hope it helps :slight_smile:
I just added the following to the L_gameinstance_BP in Load settings Function:
works correctly,

Rob, if I set my master to 100% and child to 50% and save and exit. Come back in and they are right. But now adjust my master down to 50% and apply and save and quit. I come back in and master is 50, and child is 50 still. But now adjust master to 20, apply and save… quit and come back in, master is 20 and child is 100. So something is messing up.

I figure because I bought some root motion animations from jakub, I would be doing it different than just adjusting speed for the capsule to keep up with the animation. They would look more natural with root motion since the animation drives the capsule, unless of course it’s a “syfy” game.

I would be figuring out how to do the root motion way… :slight_smile: Hopefully I dont encounter some issues.

I was messing with setting up teams and classes last night. Had a breakthrough this morning. Hope to work on that today and get something up on it by the end of the day.

Yeah, I don’t like some of the Mixamo animations, so may pull down the free animation starter pack again and replace things. Though I’ve had a bad time in the past with skeleton retargeting. Will see how it goes. But now just trying to figure out a few things for the team/class selection stuff.

Not done the tutorial part for this, gotta go back and do a hell of a lot of typing to finish it… this was pretty much an all day thing to get to this very basic Team and Class selection… and I have 10 characters in my project now (thanks to Fuse)… so each button brings up someone different, as it should.

Well, it’s a start:

looks very promising :slight_smile: