Yet another FPS blueprint tutorial...

ok having problems again so i guess i’m missing something, when i clik on the settings button i get the MM_Setting screen with the video,audio,input,apply,return buttons but it doesn’t show the settings from M_S_Video, i can’t find where the widgit switcher know what widgit to show !!!

i know there’s not much options atm but i’m not a big fan of plug-ins as you always have to wait for the author to hopefully up date it, here’s hoping that the engine team exposes more stuff to bp’s in the future

You should have dragged rhe mmsvido widget from user widgets to the widget switcher. I have had issues where it goes away and I had to delete it and drag it back.

Am on the road but let me know if that helps.

arbopa your a star, as normal fixed :slight_smile: , the colour on my buttons are the wrong way round but hey we Brits are always different :wink:
i’ll make a start on the next phase Loas_Res tomorrow

Hello everyone, im new here so sorry if its a clear question.
Im working on this tutorial with ue 4.9.2, My Problem is something with the Widgets, when I play my game, all buttons are not working no hover or clicked event, nothing…
Maybe someone got the same problem or a Solution ?
Thanks alot.

Hi Arbopa,

There is a lot of information missing from the WIKI regarding the Video settings setup. There is no mentioning of setting up a Settings (SaveBP) and other functions as well as the proper set up in MM_Settings for the Apply button. Tried using information from both Blog and Wiki but didn’t get the desired response. Can you look over the Wiki again and fill in the gaps.

It’s from this point onwards. I’d doubt if anyone has got past this part in the tutorial just yet as it is unclear.

Thanks buddy.

Holy ****, it’s like I didn’t copy over a whole section. Is there now, think it is all right, that was part 4 of video settings from the blog.

Will be away for the next few days, unfortunately did not get enough done for the next part as I kept getting distracted (making meshes, animations, and the billion other things to learn)…

Here is another small image. A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums Im stuck again, but once I see this it might help me out. Thanks

@MountainDew check “arbopa” 's blog as a lot of the pics are on there in the original size , also need a little more info as to where you are stuck, i’ve not done that much of the tutorial but maybe enough to help

Thanks Geodav! That got me going again. arbopa’s blog is better than whats on wiki.

The S_modes had me tripped up. Here is the image for S_mode on wiki A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums

and here is the correct image for S_modes from arbopa’s blog

Hi MountainDew, i guess the best way atm is to have both the wiki and the blog open, arbopa is doing his best keeping things uptodate but the more you learn the more options appear on how to do things

Yeh right on GeoDave,
I got a new problem. I made it to this page the part about if we did everything ok and we click host we should see our map in few seconds, When I click the button to Start Hosting all I get is the Error MSG widget that we made at the begging of the tutorial. I put a print string on the Create advanced Session node on the success pin and its dead. I dont have any compile errors.

I am on road beck from montana… 12 hr road trip. So hope to get to all this monday. I know I have pm’s asking for help to. Eill get to all of it when home.

sorry had a few hours playing a different game :wink:
@MountainDew check the output window or log file, you might have missed something or typo-ed the map names

my loading screen never shows but not to bothered about that atm
uh just read the part that it might not show on small levels !!! just you wait till i get going :wink:

Thanks again for the help and this tutorial! My output window was complaining about OnlineSubSystem, so I googled it and UE4 answer Hub said to add
[OnlineSubsystem]DefaultPlatformService=Null to the deaultEngine.ini file.

So I did and now its working. But Im thinking this disables online Multiplayer. So much to learn, so little time.

I put a delay in after the show loading node to get my loading screen to show.:slight_smile:


If anyone needs some support for this feel free to post it here also. I will check back every now and then and help out with anything.

Well Im stuck again. Im on this page of the tut all the way at the bottom, and I added the steam Scripts in the defaultengine.ini deleted online subsytem that was set to null and Im getting the error msg widget again. My output log LogScript:Warning: CreateSession - Invalid or uninitialized OnlineSubsystemLogScript:Warning: CreateSession - Cannot map local player to unique net ID

I figured it out. I copy and pasted the Steam info from Arbopa blog and it doesnt work for what ever reason. I copy and pasted from wiki and it works just fine.