Yet another FPS blueprint tutorial

Very cool! Would love to see your router.
I have been very curious on the inputs. I have a couple ideas but would require a lot of work.

Just a quick idea, Host Menu widget, turn map and mode buttons from one direction click buttons into cycle through options in array-buttons,

p.s old aircraft welder/machinist :slight_smile:

I did a big build thread here: New Machine Build 24" x 80" cut area, 8020 build...

I figured out how to get the basics down to rebinding the keys, just need to do some figuring out how to get things in order like I want them. Need to sort an array on two items.

For some reason I think I tried that, but will revisit as I would prefer them to cycle through once you hit either end.

Yep, works like a charm, I added the bits to cycle through Time Limit and Score stuff as well. Added a new blog entry for the ‘fix’. Thanks for the input.

My new Macro’s are:

Oh, and I have the key rebind stuff to a point that I am mostly happy with it, so probably in the next day or two I will add that stuff to the blog and tutorial.

Just fabulous arbopa! That router is huge :slight_smile: I know who to look up, if I ever go to build one, I read a little on that massive 50 some page wright up :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing.

Ok yeah Im going to go back and change the Macros.

I was playing around with Rama reBindable keys. Seems like a decent way to do it.

Are you a Vet? I have a good friend who was welder/machinist in the Vietnam War.

Ok, took many hours to type it all up and take the images, but the Controls menu stuff is done and added:



fingers need a beer now.

oh no this means i can’t cheat by usings arbopa’s project dl :frowning: , lots more work for me then.

side note, i’ll be porting my game to use this set-up as the shootergame-demo is scubbied, so i’ll be getting the trusty old sledge-hammer out to adjust(bash) a few different projects together, unless arbopa is holding back and has a full project for us to mod
(only joking) your doing great

Yeah same here GeoDav even the cheating part lol, I have been using this to learn BP’s and use it for my Vietnam game that I have been working on for years. Cant wait to have these custom inputs. Going to get on it now :slight_smile:

I see you requested models…Sir, I will be delighted to trade you models for assistance with my project…pls click on Sanctity Lost on my sig for pictures.
…Btw thuis looks great!

EDIT: Sorry, I was a bit angry, but I suffer from depression :frowning:

Thank you all for helping and specially arbopa. <3 u

WHAT? Shootergame ? Like the blog someone is running full of good stuff on making a fps? I hope not, I liked reading that one.

What is this Cheating you all are talking about? I’ll put it up again… no worries.

So are you taking what you had so far from UDK to UE4? PM sent.

BTW, thanks to gmc I have the mouse wheel inputting correctly when you rebind keys. yipee! Thanks gmc. Just added this to the tutorial. Will be out of town tomorrow for several days, so hopefully none of you catch up…

Correct size if you DL A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Epic Developer Community Forums

I just about got the inputs working. It was pretty hard for me, you have some stuff missing (really I know you are testing are skills :slight_smile: ) but I wanted to see if I could take what I have learned and still proceed. I think I got it.

The stuff that I think might be missing.
When you go into Make Action and Make Axis functions you need to have the the C_Axis and C_Action widgets created with the variables. We created them at the beginning but we never done anything with them.
The C_Action widget is missing but its pretty much the same as the C_Axis. Those are the only nit picking problems I come across , but either way its forcing me to learn lot. Im going to miss ya so dont be gone to long :slight_smile:

I cut out all i could to shrink it down, here is the new Dropbox file… you will need to add in the plugins yourself as I cut them out to really get the size down:

It should all be there… I had you make them empty at first so you could make all the other stuff at once and not have to keep jumping around files, thought it would work out better.

Quick question, when i create Start Game custom event, my Leave_Current_State macros looks like this

instead of this

how do i fix it?

Make sure the desired state you have set on the input is set to the ‘State’ enum you set up previously. I need to clarify that in the tutorial.

Anybody has a better image quality on the construct node for the event graph inside MM_S_V_line?

Located here: Screenshot - 5585777753e932984f3d8c919dd2c23a - Gyazo or

screenshot provided that is not High res:

I tried looking on the other page from unreal forums but it’s the same image. Anyone help Please :slight_smile:
Thank you all…

is this what you need