YES! 6DoF Floating Pawn (Default Pawn class) replicates movement! Sharing what I did

Well I figured it out after referencing a lot of forum posts (Mainly that awesomely generous Tom guy) and trial and error! Like Tom did in his awesome post, all this happens inside your Pawn’s blueprint. Mine inherits the default pawn class and has a Floating Pawn movement component added.

The difference between my game and Tom’s blast game is that I have NO physics in my game, so I don’t need to do anything with forces n stuff. All physics are off on all blueprints/levels, etc.

I just need my pawns to have 6 DoF and go where I tell it to go, plain and simple! So here is what I did:

Create two custom events and set them to execute on the server and check them as reliable.

I called the first event ServerTurn and added a rotator output, calling that output New Rotation.

I called the second event ServerMoveForward and added a vector output, calling that output New Location.

Simply add the InputAxis LookUp and InputAxis Turn events, and connect both to a Server Turn call you just added, attaching a GetActorRotation and its return value plugged into the New Rotation input.

Off of the ServerTurn custom event, simply connect it to a SetActorRotation event, connecting up the New Rotation output to the SetActorRotation’s rotation node.

Then add InputAxis MoveForward event. Add a ServerMoveForward call and connect the two. Connect a GetActorLocation return value to the New Location node of the ServerMoveForward call.

Off of the ServerMoveForward custom event, connect it to a SetActorLocation. Then connect the New Location output from ServerMoveForward to the vector node of the SetActorLocation.

BOOM! All clients move on server and other clients!

I included a pic of the setup as well as the details panel of the base pawn. a HUGE thanks to Tom Shannon. This was sprung from your post and led me to get what I needed. Just wanted to share this version to see if it fits others’ needs!

EDIT: For some reason I can’t upload or even link to the pics so you will have to go here: