Yellow pixelated streaks over lightmaps

Using gpulightmass and creates this weird looking streaks over my lightmaps. Any way to avoid this? (4.26preview)

on the last one it almost looks like weird banding going on. Can’t figure what to do to avoid this, I tried different settings in gpulightmass but there’s always this odd discolored issue.

I’m using only SunSky system no other lights in the scene

Turn lightmap compression off or wait for it to get fixed

GPULM is not really usable in its current state in my opinion

That helped. Thanks. I also noticed that those artifact only show up with denoiser enabled… But yes, disabling compression works even with denoiser.

Yes, you are correct. I should have mentioned that.

I suspect the problem is that the denoiser is being run after lightmap compression so it is just compounding the artifacts within the lightmap compression. Not much we can do except disable it and hope it gets fixed.