XSens Live Link to UE4.2x issues.

[XSens UE4 live link issue]

Here is a link to the problem I’m having.
Here is a link to the original setup video that is supposed to work from off of the XSens site.
Live Link for Unreal - Xsens Video Tutorials

Hello all.
I’m using a link suit with the live link plugin from the Marketplace in 4.26. I can make a connection to a character in UE, but not everything is mapping. It’s like only the root of the character, and head are being solved, and legs and arms are not.
I’ve linked a video above, but it seems that another user has had this issue as well with no indication as to how it was resolved.

I’ll reach out to the poster on this as well. Wondering if anyone has any idea where i might be going wrong. The remap templates have been filled out to make sure the retarget works, and I’ve kind of run out of ideas.

Would love any feedback on this.

Much appreciated,