Having problem connect Xsens MVN live link animation to ue4

I followed exactly every step of the tutorial from Xsens website and actually my character was animated from the motion playing in the MVN animate…but not in the right way.
quite awful isn’t it? as I can tell, it seems like I made some mistakes when I remapped my character’s bone to the MVN preset bone but I’ve been checked this for thousands of times just cann’t get
anybody please can help me to figure this out?

I select hips for the root because if I select root from my own character the animation just got much more wired and the character will be into somewhere I cannot even find…
and I found that if I select the hips for root, at least my character can still be in the original place.
just for the reference that I’d like to show you my character is made in this way. there’s whole lot of bone in her skirt, sleeve and hair etc. I don’t know if that’s where the problem is.
Truthfully need some help, almost got killed by this…

Hey, how did you solve this problem? Stuck at same thing… :frowning:

Hi There! I just posted in the forum with the exact same issue.

Did you ever get this resolved?