XNormal Creating Faulty Normal Maps

Hey guys

Ive been working on a model in ZBrush and finally have exported it to Maya.

However the normal map Ive been creating in XNormal keeps coming out faulty everytime.
Anyone have any ideas regarding my workflow Im using or tips on things to try?

**In case, here is the obj

When I apply the normal map it looks like this…

I can see that bits and pieces of the normal maps img are actually on different parts of the model…

Im using XNormal and I put the
high poly into the high def slot
and low poly into low def slot

For the smooth normals section Ive tried both
"Use Exported normals’
“Average Normals”

-When I choose exported or average normal I make sure to do the same selections
on both high and low def

For baking options I leave everything as default.
The only thing Ive changed is the resolution the second time around.

I made it 4096 x 4096

What do your UVs look like?

Sorry I can’t reach my computer right now but here’s a upload of the scene file from an upload I did last week

Here’s the normal map

He’s not asking for your normalmap. He’s asking for the UV Unwrap of your mesh.
To me it looks like your UVs are not properly unwrapped.

Definitely looks like a UV unwrap problem. You probably have some parts of the body/shoulders inside of the face, check your unwrap and you’ll probably see some overlapping. :slight_smile:

Hey guys,

thanks for the replies.
I did a quick UVUnwrap with “UV Master” in ZBrush.

Heres what the UVs looks like…

Is there a good tutorial out there explaing what is considered a “good” UV unwrap for faces?

Isn’t the texture inverted?

Well it actually slices through the chin and into the mouth tunnel is thats what you mean.

But whats considered a good UV Unwrap for the face?
Like is it supposed to be avoiding the face, behind the ears, etc?

A good UV has an even distribution. For A head mesh, the face shouldn’t be distorted
Like this:

I mean the normal map image maybe is inverted in the vertical.
If you have a unwrapped object, have rendered the normal map of the high poly and is using a object with the same uvs from the one you used to render the normal map and if you don’t have overlapping Uvs even with a ‘bad’ unwrap you should have the texture in the right place. A good Unwrap should have the less disrtortion as possible anyways. This is from a character of mine, I always do something like this:

My seams are placed like this (green lines). But I don’t think this is the reason your texture is ‘misplaced’.

Thanks so much guys!

I think the biggest difference here is that I didnt cut out the eyes and the mouth holes.

But how come there is a need to cut out the eyes, mouth, and ears?

The helpful posters above have selected the outer edges of each UV island. This highlights all edges, and so any holes (eyes or mouth) show up too. There is no need to ‘cut out’ the eye holes - this is already done, and I don’t know what extra you could do.

The general suggstion is that Zbrush commonly produces UV maps that need to be flipped (vertically) before they can be used in other DCC packages. Unless you specifically know that you checked for this, might be worth a look.

Other possible cause of your problem might have been overlapping UVs, but it looks like Zbrush did a reasonable job there.

Last thing I can think of is to make sure all your UVs are within the 0-1 tile (the first UDIM) for Xnormal. If it overlaps the boundary, that could cause funkiness. It’s difficult to tell from your screenshot, so worth a look.

Actually now that I look at it, your forehead might be overlapping and might not be in the 0-1 tile atlas.


EDIT: Or I’m crazy, who knows.

The files you uploaded work as they should for me. The unwrap is OK, the normal map is too low resolution but applies correctly.

Seems like something is off with your material. Check the repeat and offset settings on the place2dtexture node.

Also some of mayas materials don’t work well with normal maps in general, try using Stingray PBS instead.

Sorry guys,

Im mostly a Im originally a concept painter, and just learned 3D recently to model out the above head.

Do you think you could explain what you guys mean in simpler terms of what I could try to do
(And how to do it?
For ex. I have no idea what he means for me to do, like where do i even start? “Check the repeat and offset settings on the place2dtexture node.”)

Maybe something like…

You should try saving your file


The whole file is also available for download, incase you guys would want to try it out your theories as well.

Any ideas guys?

Can you send me the object in .obj format? I can have a look, I don’t use maya