XGen Hair in Maya

Dear reader,

I’ve been busy modeling a character model for my game, and I’ve reached the stage in which i have to create the hair. I’m using Autodesk Maya, and in that i’m using XGen. My question is, can I export the XGen-hair I made and import it into the UE4, and how? If not, what is the best way to make hair in Maya to use in the UE4.

Thanks in advance.

You could probably bake your splines into geometry and load it into Unreal - but its not recommended and isn’t going to ‘just be hair’ in Unreal (no dynamics etc). Most characters use translucent or masked planes for hair models, with some clever texturing to make it look good. Otherwise some people here are exploring TressFX and HairWorks.

I would say for all intensive purposes no you cannot. I would convert xgen to geo, tweak the settings to fill in the gaps, meaning not let there be too much air between hairs, then I’d hand sculpt a low rez hair mesh to surround the high rez. Add as much detail into that hair mesh as I can… Hard part will be baking that down since the xgen geo will be ugly for most baking programs and the normal will nor look like you’d expect.
If you have 3d-coat you can import your xgen geo voxelize it, and build your low rez mesh the 3d-coat way. I also get better results from a voxelized version of the geo (than the xgen) when baking in xNormal.

What have you tried? Anything getting you close?

How can I Convert my Xgen to Geo?
I don’t want to use it for hair but for instancing City at long distance. but I don’t see any way to convert Xgen and export it as mesh