Xcode wont build

Hi, I just started working with Unreal but am having trouble writing code with xcode (I’m using a Mac). I’ve finished writing my code but the option to build isn’t available. Is anyone having a similar problem or know how to fix it?

One way to ensure it is built, is to close the editor and XCode, then double click the .xcodeproj file in your project directory (probably will be named by your project name, within Unreal Projects folder, in your Documents directory). When XCode opens again, you will see a pull down at the top that references the Editor, it will be MyProjEditor where MyProj is your project name. Select that and press the build arrow to the left at the top of the XCode screen. This will build your project code and the editor, and start the editor (or give you error messages about your code).

This is somewhat useful to know, since on the Mac, Hot Reload mostly is not reliable, and when you create variables or functions that you want a blueprint to be able to reference, you have to start it this way to get the blueprints to see your code changes (or close everything with many types of changes). If you are not making code changes and need a compile, then just opening the .uproject file suffices.

On many versions, before I discovered the problem I mention about hot reload, I was able to compile with the Compile button on Editor screen. I haven’t done that for months though since on the Mac, so often current code is not visible to blueprints and a restart is required anyway.

Thank you so much! That did it!

Great, when you have time, could you check off the question as answered. Thanks.