Xcode compile rocket always failed with exit code 5

Xcode compile rocket always failed with exit code 5.how can I fix it?Thanks
the error message

Building UE4Editor…
Creating makefile for UE4Editor (no existing makefile)
Performing full C++ include scan (no include cache file)
Compiling with MacOSX SDK 10.11
ERROR: Rocket: No modules found to build?
Command /Users/Shared/UnrealEngine/4.10/Engine/Build/BatchFiles/Mac/RocketBuild.sh failed with exit code 5

Hi wukakuki, this problem was bugging me too, but the solution posted here worked for me. Hope it works for you too!

Best wishes.

Okay. Here’s what I did.

I clicked that part that says UE4 | My Mac

Like this…

And changed it to ProjectName | My mac

Didn’t say it would work for you, just offered what worked for me.

Well. Thanks. The solution may not suite UE4.10. No UE4editor or other build target there.

Thank you very much! That works! Thank you for solve my problem!

This worked for me aswell

This worked for me as well.