XCode autocomplete is not working

I am using UE 4.20.3 and XCode 10.1.

But every time I create new project, XCode starts to indexing it, which takes about 50 hours and uses almost all RAM during that time (so computer is useless during that time). And even after all that time, autocomplete is not working and if I restart the computer it starts indexing again.

I have read post on forum, but I don’t understand it, there is no UE4XCodeHelper in my computer.

Is it even possible to have XCode autocompleting code? If it is not, can I use any other IDE?

Thanks for any help.

Delete your Xcode and install it again. I did a fresh install on my Mac OS and only installed Xcode and ue4 and it works much better. I

I’ve never tried it myself, but CLion is an alternative IDE that might work well for you. It is paid for although there’s a free trial you can use to see if you like it. I’ve used JetBrains other products and I’ve been happy with them.