'XboxOne' Directory Refuses to Cook even with '-CookAll' and 'Asset Override'

It seems to be impossible to cook any folder with a reference to Xbox (and probably PS4) even when using the asset cooking overrides on PC.

I have a bunch of icons in a folder that are used for the UI when a controller is inserted. Works fine in PIE and assets are loaded as they should be, but they do NOT package into the Cooked Game regardless of what I do. I’ve tried using ‘Cook All Assets’ and ‘Asset Directories To Cook’ in the Packaging settings but neither works.

This issue seems to be reported on Answerhub a few time, so far without any official answer. It also occured pre-4.9 according to those posts.

Hey ,

Could you please provide us your in a .txt format? Also include verbose reproduction steps to ensure this is being tested exactly as you had attempted the process.

Thank you!

Hey , weirdly enough somebody just posted about this on the forums. Turns out it’s an engine issue!

And here’s my [answerhub issue from June][1] :frowning:

Additional Asset Directories not Copied to Packaged Build - Platform & Builds - Epic Developer Community Forums