XBOX Controller Home Button

For Full Controller Support on Steam - they want the game to pause when the XBOX Home button is pressed. Pausing through Blueprints is no problem but I don’t see an option in Unreal’s Gamepad input menu for the XBox Home button. (Glowing white or green XBox symbol button that brings up overlay menu.

Thank you!

+1 Agree, that would be really useful (and not just for Steam).
As it’d free up controls like Special Left / Right for other uses…
Its not currently supported (it came up in another early thread).

It may be worth to note that IF input is sent, input can be read.…e_plugin_guide

However on PC at least, the input isn’t sent. The xbox controller overtakes the game with it’s own interface thing and no input is passed down to the game in my brief testing.
I’m still digging through it realistically, so maybe I hooked something incorrectly.

check this one too

The issue - for me at least - becomes finding out if the controller even registers the button press.

I wonder if there is a way not to detect that the Xbox Home Button was pressed, but that the overlay has been added, game window has lost focus…