WTF is wrong with crytek?

Basically this and then this.

Its like they are becoming as much opposite to EPIC games as possible.

They seems to be tricking you into thinking they are offering the best at absolutely free , but then you see the membership page and realise, wtf. Everything major that you get for free in UE4 community is charged for.

They are going more and more elites and rich persons only Engine. Is crytek near death?


Ive read online that Crytek hasn’t been very smart with there money over the years. There were even cases were theu couldn’t pay there development team when they were working on the Crysis series. That may have something to do it.

Of course they were never going to give the engine away for free.

They are a business! Making, maintaining and supporting the engine costs money!

Personally I think this model is going to fail hard and Crytek won’t be around for long. 50 EUR a month per seat and minimum 12 month commitment? I just don’t see any indies going for that over UE’s royalty model.

Woah woah woah… let’s not get ahead of ourselves here…

First, just to be clear, I’m a UE4 boy through and through.

But I’m not seeing feature disabled stuff at that second link, I’m just seeing them say “hey by the way, we also offer commercial consulting services for anyone who’s interested”

You didn’t comment which things do you get for free in EU4 but not in CE5?

Webinars , no special answerhub section for rich guys , no extra revenue share from marketplace for rich guys and so on

And do those options exist for UE4?

I’m sure lot’s of EU4 users would love to have 50$/m paid support.

you get so much equivalent to that for free here.
Regular live and interactive Twitch steams from epic
answerhub answers from epic staff
forum answers by ue4 development team (including some by Tim sweeny)
So many free tutorial vids by epic staff on YouTube

that’s all you’ll need to pay for with ce5

You get free answerhub in CE5, video tutorials and everything else.

The things that you pay (optional) is for training and custom support, which I think it makes sense. Remember that CE5 is FREE, 0%!

Well I know where this discussion is going. But the thing you are saying is exactly what their marketing ploy is.

You WILL NEED that paid support if you want to get anything working on your game project without a seasoned team of veteran programmers. That engine is not for indies , epics free community support is way above in what ce5 can offer, when was the last time you saw a cry engine indie game as successful as any of UE indie games?

And if you say you should have a seasoned team for ce5 then I’ll say if you can afford a seasoned team you can also afford the 5% royalty .

Well you started it with false claims.

CE5 is new and there’s a good amount of video tutorials they are releasing, monthly bug fixes and lot’s of new features for indies (blender support, C# etc).

Btw the paid support is not for life, your game revenue is though.

Do not know whats the false claim here. You do need that paid support to be able to work with it as efficiently as UE4.

“paid support is not for life, your game revenue is though”
Indeed that said , they want money before you even manage to make and sell something ,i.e you need to pay large amount out of your pocket on something unpredictable, so you basically need to be rich guy to pay them $50 per seat per month (a 10 people team = $500 a month or $1500 per month for premium) and even then its not guaranteed you’ll get to a release that’ll bring revenue. It may scare a lot of people to invest that much from the start. If you didn’t manage to pull through you’ll have a lot of money wasted.
Its unity model , or more like a extortion model to grab as much money as possible from pockets of indies whether they sell or not.

Ue4 on the other hand allows you to use their engine for free with great free support and then when you actually sell something then only you are to pay 5% royalties . This time you’re not paying out of your pocket beforehand but from what you are earning. So even if your game sells less you still don’t have to worry about anything .And if you couldn’t make it through (like most indie games) you do not lose anything. besides 5% is a meagre amount if any indie makes over its limit of $3000 per quarter from game sales they won’t complain about giving a meager $150 to Epic since its from zero risk income at that point.

so you see how both companies are exactly opposite of each other. One grabs out of what there is already in your pocket and another takes only from what your earn

Is that personal experience or something you’ve read somewhere? What is less efficient in EC5 that you’d need paid support for?

CE5 is Free, you don’t need to pay anything at all. You can make and sell your games/assets for free and they keep 0% from your revenue.

I think in this case CE offers more than UE, it offers cheap support for indies, something that UE doesn’t do. I think (could be wrong here) that unless your game is triple A, you won’t get any support from Epic.

To sum this up, CE5 is new and just like UE4 it takes a while to get all the tutorials you need. If you need Cry devs to spoon feed you in game development then you’re doing it wrong.

Its being sceptical from the fact that cry engine forums have always been a sad place, its similar to what you see in its fork lumberyard’s forums . Plus you can compare the no of successful indie titles from both engines

You do have a option to get paid support if you wish to for studios. But for indies using UE4 is so simple and have such rich community and dev examples out there that I cannot think of any case where you’d need a specialised support package.

Its not about spoon feeding , but alongside the basics there are docs , wiki and everything out there telling you every aspect of the engine from putting a box in a scene all the way upto how the rendering layers work . There are no roadblocks where you’ll have to sit and wait for support from the devs on something. Its all out there and it makes so much sense that you don’t need support packages (see my work if you wish to see what can be done without any paid support on UE). Even then if beginners stumble upon something the staff rushes to help them for free.
P.S. I am not saying CE5 is a bad engine , I am talking about crytek’s business model and approach on this

CE has only recently started the switch to indies (VR first, Blender support, C# something Epic can’t/won’t do, Marketplace, Answerhub, RoadMap etc).
While UE has been around longer with UDK etc.

So it’s just your theory then. I asked if you have any personal experience but it seems like you don’t.

FYI you do get responses from Cry devs.

CE announced their indie version just days after UDK became a thing; they’ve had a good long time to sort their issues out.


of all things dude , why that? C++ is perfect and most performant , there is an entire thread on the forums about why UE4 is not adding C# support , there is nothing in C# that UE4 C++ cannot do , Now it seems you haven’t worked with UE4 C++ enough to realise that . I’ll not go discussing that anymore. you can See the thread discussing that here

Cry and UE4 both has to live because there is always people who prefer Cry and there is people who prefer UE4.

I just think that a scripting language would make working with UE faster. I know some here have voiced that such thing would keep Epic devs busy from working on VR features but whatever, I don’t really care if they add one or not.

True, I hope for new engines to go public and pick up the pace.

I just think that a scripting language would make working with UE faster


Well that’s exactly what blueprints are. They are replacement for unreal “script” or in general any scripting language. Like any scripting language blueprints call underlying code written in native language be it .NET or lua

Keep in mind that scripting language might grant you faster iteration time but it’ll always do so at the expense of runtime performance. It’s self evident when you use blueprints over c++ and with Unreal script in old days.

And with modern 3d videogames you’ll always want best looks at minimum performance cost. I hope you understand my point there