Wrong VR view after lag frame

The scene is basically empty. The lag comes from the small widget. The widget is set to DrawAtDesiredSize and changes it text every 2 seconds (Bug report is already dispatched).

This is more about the problematic frame flickers that make me totally sick. If a frame could not get rendered, I would assume the frame to just not change until the next update. But here (I gues after the lag frame) I get a totally different view of the scene for a single frame. Does anyone else have that problem or could tell the reason for it?

If the performance is always bad (reduced to 45fps VIVE), you can still look around normally. It seems it is just that single frame where the frame rate drops down.

EDIT: Seems a GraphicsCard driver update fixed it for me (at least for now)

Well, today the issue exists again…

Update: Seems to occour when WorldToMeterScale for VR != 100