Wrong tracking HTC Vive trackers without HMD in Unreal Engine 5.1

Hi. I am using VIVE tracker without HMD in Unreal Engine 5.1 following Greg Corson videos and vive docs, and I have problems with movements tracking. My tracker is visible in steamvr and UE, I created lilvelinkcontroller for Vive and FIZ components and connected them to camera, but movements of my virtual camera in UE are not tracked correctly. In manuals virtual camera repeats the movement of real stationary camera when it rotates or tilt, in my case the entire virtual camera moves like somebody is holding it in hands and stepping around instead of just rotating. I don’t understand what causes it. I either missed something in UE, although I followed instructions, or tracker doesn’t work correctly in my case without HMD.
So that is the video from Greg Corson am following Virtual Production Project Tutorial from scratch with Unreal Engine and RETracker Bliss! - YouTube and in 32.51 timecode his virtual camera tilts when he tilts real camera, my virtual camera moving entirely. He uses retracker bliss, but steps of making it are the same.
I have UE 5.1 with steamvr, livelink plugins including livelink camera