wrong shadows on landscape

I get some wrong shadows on the landscape

I tried to build it in a better lighting quality and tried an other landscape material but it didn’t worked.
So i deleted anything and left only the playerstart, landscape, a red pointlight and lightmassimportancevolume.
The wrong shadow still apears. I use for my testmap in the project “ShooterGame”-example.

I tried to create a new project and new map make some landscape and it still have wrong shadows

additional I get sometimes such wrong thing:

does someone know what the source it is and how to get it away?


In the details panel for your landscape you may want to try upping your the lightmap resolution.

Under the “Lighting” tab you can adjust the “Static Lighting Resolution” by whole numbers. The default i 1.

I would recommend changing this in increments of 1 to get the results you’re wanting. Using a larger number will result in longer build times.

If you have any other questions let us know!


Hi Tim,

the increasing of Static Lighting Resolution on the landscape didn’t worked. I went up to Static Lighting Resolution = 20 and these strange shadows are still there.

For better observation I have uploaded the map, its only 314kb big, the lighting have to be rebuild, I created it in the standart fps-build project (c++)

Thank you for the map. I loaded it in, built lighting, and immediately saw the same thing you had.

I’ve uploaded a copy with some updated things to show you.

I made a copy of your landscape and I smoothed out some of the sharper edges. This will get rid of the shadow splotches. I upped the light resolution to 6.0.

In your original mesh, I was able to alieviate the show splotches by changing the Static Lighting LOD to 1 instead of 0. This helps with larger landscape maps.

If you have any questions let me know.


Hi Tim,

thanks for the map, on it the splotches are gone. It seems that too much sharp edge after using the noise landscape tool gets this splotches. I tried to rebuild it on my map and didn’t success. I put a higher light map resolution, set static lighting lod = 1 and put a lightmassimportant volume. I tried smoothed the splotches away but some new splothes comes in and I see them only after a new rebuild. It is a very frustrating and timeconsuming issue and I can’t freely design the map.

Additionaly I found such strange thing like in the pic. This is very strange and it seems to be an bug, it happens if I set the static light resolution = 4. Any chance to show this the coders of the landscape shadows?

I have uploaded this map too, it have to be build:

these shadows starts in the middle of the polygons

I know this is an old thread, but I thought I’d post to say that I have this exact issue, too - even in 4.6.1.

i get those weird chain-like blotches.