Wrong cpp project compilation

So, i create new cpp project with ThirdPerson preset. Then opening visual studio. I am pressing “build myProjectName” and instead compiling my project - compiling entire engine with my project!

It seems that you are using the wrong build configuration. There a a lot configuration and you mostly want to use the “Development Editor” Configuration. If your using VS default perspective then you should see a select box that labels your current configuration and can be used to switch those configurations.

I also build the engine multiple times because of configuration mismatches. But when you have build the engine for a specific configuration you do not need to rebuild it anymore.

I already build sources of engine with Development Editor configuration and Win64 platform. Then i launch my editor and do what described above.

I see, I accidentally build a debug version once because visual studio likes to default select ‘Debug’. This is very strange and should not had happen. I hope you do not have to recompile the entire engine for every small change?

no, i canceled building. But each new cpp project want recompile entire engine.