Writing within textures loading slowly.

When I’m testing a game out in the play window, textures with text on them seem to load really slowly. When I first approach them they look like [picture 1] and then after a few seconds, the text fades in and then looks how it should [picture 2]. I was wondering if there was any way of making the text work straight away without it first being really blurred and unreadable? Thanks.

Picture 1


Picture 2


I have the same trouble. I think it is related to the LOD distance or something.
I have not found a solution yet. However I did notice that this only occurs with high contrast graphics like your text rendering (or road signs in my case).
If you use textures like the brick wall, it never happens.
What compression are you using for your sign textures?

It probably has to do with the “Texel Size”, or “Pixels per meter”.
Because you have a rather small surface in 3D but a massive texture size, the automatic LOD won’t load the last LOD until you are extremely close.

perhaps its same problem, check that [solved] thread: