Write / Paint / Draw in VR

Hi Everyone,

I’m working on an educational VR environment.
Basic idea is, someone can read material from a website / pdf/ other text source in an environment related to the content.
To actively proces the content, the user should be able to make mindmaps, draw schemes, make notes etc.

So i was looking for options to write, draw or paint in VR.
The only thing i could find on this was this thread: when will VR painting become available in UE? - UE4 AnswerHub

this is a basic usable solution. However, i want to give the user more control on their write/draw/paint options
So a palet to set brush thickness, color, transparancy etc.

I’m not thats skilled myself that i can build this in a reasonable amount of time, so i was wondering:

is someone working on something simular or are there products out there that i didn’t find?