Wrapping UVs: Auto LOD and Generated Lightmap UV's

Auto generating lightmaps in the editor for lods, causes them to sometimes extend over the UV border, which results in Error : Object has wrapping UVs when building lights.

It is an engine bug .
Modes/Basic/Cylinder put on scene.
Find in content browser
Set number of lods 2
Lod1 / Reduction triangles / “5” / Applay

On my Meshes, this problem appears with a reduction set to 80.

Yeah, it seems to be the easiest to reproduce on cylindrical models.

Having the same issue with all of my meshes immediately after upgrading to 4.15.

This is a known bug https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/564993/lods-does-not-share-lightmaps-anymore.html