Would You Live Here?

I’m considering moving somewhere and ultimately starting a game company, but I need input on the sanity of this move. The city is Asheville, North Carolina. It has beautiful nature to see and experience, a vibrant art community, a ski resort on the nearby mountain, and is in driving range of many great cities, including the Atlantic coast. The two major problems are that it is not close enough to a major city for frequent trips and that its economy is practically non-existent. Moving there seems like a mistake, but I can’t shake the curiosity. Any input would help. Thanks.

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EpicGames building is in North Carolina, isn’t it?!
Must be a good area :slight_smile:

I realized why I was thinking that this move was a bad idea. Since Asheville is a tourist town, it has horrendous traffic for a town of its size. I am now considering somewhere east of there like Hickory.

I’ve worked it all out. I think the best place to live is in Catawba County, NC. It’s an hour away from everything, in the middle of it all. I can’t wait to be able to move there. It’s got the beautiful Appalachian mountains to the north west along with the very cute towns of Asheville and Hendersonville to the west. The big city of Charlotte is to the south east where there are tons of fun things to experience. It should be a nice place to live and a great inspiration for game design.

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That sound perfect! Good luck!

There is a serious flaw in this plan: flooding. All of North Carolina, except for the Asheville area, have flooding problems. I am now leaning toward Johnson City, Tennessee, giving up Charlotte for safety and a better view.

EDIT: No, I’m wrong. It floods, too. Apparently, most of eastern United States gets flooded from hurricanes and tropical storms. It’s beautiful but a hard place to move to with those floods getting in the way.

Floods dont last long anywhere in the east coast. As long as you dont live next to a river in a valley I dont see any reason to be alarmed. Hurricanes are just bad thunderstorms 50 miles inland. If you want to move somewhere, and you like it just go. All of Appalachia is beautiful.

Thanks. Yeah, I found the government site for floods and they are totally avoidable in Johnson City, based on their map. I’ll probably move there. I’ve just been watching too many YouTube videos.


      • And the best place to live is * * * … Its all relative dude… :smiley:

This thread feels like moving to another house down the same street.:p. If you have funding / family, its understood.
But if you don’t… With the intense competition and unreliable economics that sums up game development right now…
Why not cast your net a little wider? … A little capital in a US home can often buy a home outright elsewhere etc. :cool:
Lack of language skills / personal safety risk is always an issue when moving, but is America really much safer? :eek:

Dude, I come from part of the USA where there is little worth caring about. I would LOVE to live someplace like this. For me, it’s perfect. Besides, with enough money I can go anywhere for vacation.

my family emigrated 5 years ago to the USA
I’m from India

Lol that’s funny you mention Asheville because I’m working on a game that takes place in a southern city like that.

I guess it could work. It’s kinda centrally located as far as the east coast goes. I don’t know what the workforce there is like but best of luck to that!