Worldsettings_1 error appears and disappears

Hey, ever since I updated to 4.11 I get this weird bug when I build my lighting.
I get a window that warns me that my Worldsettings_1 needs to be rebuilt. It only lasts for half a second then the text disappears and there are no warnings and everything seems normal.

Are anyone else getting these problems?

No answer? Alright, I guess that I will reinstall the engine. Yet again, if anyone is getting a similar problem, please report back.

Back again… No good news here. I reinstalled the engine by removing all files associated with the engine. Trust me, I did a clean wipe of all the files. Still the Worldsettings_1 error appears and disappears as before. This is definitely a new bug that came along with the 4.11 update.

It is solved.

HOW!? It became a nightmare 4 days ago and yet no solution. I recompiled, restarted proces, copy paste into other map and nothing works, even clean instalation,…please help me