worldmachine terrain masks

what is the best possible way of implementing the generated worldmachine terrain masks in an unreal 4 material? I’m talking about things like deposition,wear, flow masks how can i use such masks in a landscape material in unreal to get decent results?

This is the general idea:

Would you be kind enough to show us how your masks actually look and what kind of result this setup results in (terrain screenshot)?

That’s an image from UDK documents.
Typically the masks are the outputs from Erosion node. You put each one of them in a separate channel (RGBA). And then using each channel you tell what texture to be painted where. That’s exactly what is happening above.

This link is for UDK not UE4 but almost all of it is the same and works for UE4 too. So many good information.

if im following correctly this results in a tiled pattern look on the terrain textures and it is hard to get rid of that pattern using masks

what else can be done to enhance the look of the terrain?