WorldAlignedTextures Materials - Poor Performance?

Doing some tests with materials I am making and make this terrain material which blends layers based on slope angles etc etc.

But I am getting a huge performance loss of about 50%. Dropping from 90 fps to 35 / 40 fps sometimes.
Just wondering if it is a huge performance hog? Because if so then its pointless me continuing with this idea and I just need some opinions.

Are you sure this drop is solely caused by the material? As that sounds like a massive loss of performance. World aligned materials shouldn’t be particularly expensive, so either you are doing something strange in your material or your performance loss is coming from something else.

Maybe you can post your material?

It was my fault I had tessellation running for some reason and it was set very very high. Runs fine now. Beware the tessellation for it is mighty. Dunno why I said that. K