World space tiling coordinates

I have a conceptual question about how UE4 tiles textures in world space. I’m assuming that the world origin 0,0 is used as the “start” location. The engine begins there and then tiles outward. But does it place the center of the texture at 0,0. or does it place the top left corner, etc? Or am I completely wrong and the origin is irrelevant? How does this all work?

0,0,0 will be the corner of the texture. which corner depends on which side of 0,0,0 you are on and how you are looking at the world and it doesn’t really matter. If you want to debug it, Clamp the coordinates from 0 to 1. That will show you a single texture in PositiveX and Positive Y.

To make i the center of the texture on 0,0,0, simply add 0.5 after any scaling.

Cool, thanks!