World-space textures for landscape actors?

I’ve tried setting up a material instance with a switch that chooses between a standard texture and one in world-space (which I know works on other static meshes), but it has no effect on the texture stretching on the landscape.
is this normal?
can someone shed some light as to why this is happening?
I just want to reduce texture stretching for sheer cliff faces on landscape actors.

You will always get stretching somewhere. When the landscape is comparatively flat, the stretching is minor and you don’t notice. If you want flat ground plus sheer cliffs, without visible stretching or joins, it won’t work whatever axes you pick.

If you want sheer cliffs, I would suggest covering the stretched landscape material with some large static meshes. These can be textured to look like a cliff face.

As far as the question goes, I don’t know why world space coordinates don’t work, sorry!

Use triplanar texture mapping for this. It is really easy to set up. It is project from xyz instead of just z. You do get a more expensive material though, so it is not recommended for mobile devices.

You basically blend the 3 samplers based on the vertex normal.

Here is a fellow community member with a tutorial:

Thanks, that WorldCoordinate3Way node mentioned in the video does the trick!