World Space nodes in Material Editor

Does anyone have any resources that better explain how to use the world space nodes in the material editor? I understand that world space is the absolute coordinate for objects and such but putting that in practice in the material editor I just draw a blank on how to use them.

Thanks in advance

IT can be used for various things, the major one I know of is changing objects color based on world position. This is helpful for adding variety to the level’s foliage.

There are lots of different ways of utilizing these nodes. Here’s just 3 material graphs I’ve posted lately, all of them including ‘world space’ nodes.
Terrain Texturing:
Foliage Vertex Shader:
Auto-Blend Textures:

Oh very nice. Thank you for the responses guys! This helps a lot.

@ Malkav!an: I noticed in the examples as well as other examples I’ve seen people use a clamp node a lot. Why is that? Do the world coordinates or certain nodes only go from 0-1 or something?

Certain nodes yes, but the world coordinates go from something like -524288 to 524288.

Quite often it’s because Lerp nodes need the alpha input to be within 0-1 range. Sometimes it’s just to have a good value to work with since anything in world space tends to return some pretty large numbers, so you clamp it to 1 or another reasonable value. Also the values might be negative so you clamp the minimum to zero.

Interesting, that’s good to know. Thank you for the explanation! I never realized how much truth there is in the saying “the more you know the more you realize how much you don’t know” till I entered game development.