World Scale: Sitting vs. Standing in game vs real-life

As everyone knows, if you design the world in 1:1 format, but the user is sitting down in the real world, but they are standing up in the game, the game will seem “small” due to this. However, if the user stands up in the real world, then the world seems to be at scale. So, is there a way to increase / decrease the scale of the world depending on if the user is sitting down vs standing up as their avatar?

The Oculus demo scene shows this perfectly, and I would like to duplicate it, sort of. Sitting down in the game would bring the world scale smaller, and when the avatar stands up, the world would scale larger.

I played around with this issue a while ago, the best thing I can recommend is looking through the oculus files and finding the demo scene models and textures (thats right they are all there ready to import into UE).

Just remake the scene in unreal and tweak positions and scale to suit, should be able to do it in less than an 1.5 hours.

Hope that helps

I had some success getting the scale to feel more realistic for sit/stand by moving the camera to different positions in the Player Character with a button press for sitting or standing. Perhaps you could turn the world position of the HMD into a condition to lerp the camera between different setting to get that smooth transition your after?

Just a quick thought.

The camera movement would be great, though using this method I would need to scale the characters back to ~0.75 rather than a 1:1 scale. Shouldn’t be an issue though. Thanks for the insight.