World Position Variation


To create variation in brightness on surfaces I have packed a texture map with 3 different variation masks. I want to be able to tile this in world position and multiply it on the base material, and I am able to do so however, it doesn’t tile in all 3 directions. It’s either RG, GB or RB, and it cause distortions on the missing direction.

Now I could do this with a WorldAlignedTexture function instead but the problem with that is it receives a texture object and I am not able to use an individual channel of the texture map once it’s converted to a texture object.
Is there any way I can get around this?

when I am encountering these kind of problems, I copy paste all nodes from that function and create my own function where I remove the textureobject input and replace it with the input I need. This requires however to alter / modify what has been constructed inside the function. So a basic understanding of what is going on is helpful.

Actually started doing that after I posted.
Here’s the finished setup in case anybody needs.