World position offset gerstner wave single layer water holes

I’m trying to create my own water shader in UE5 for a river. I was contemplating using some of the built in stuff, but it seems to be beta and not production ready, so I opted to use a single water layer shader.

I’m having an issue with the gerstner wave equation causing holes in my mesh when it displaces it using the world position offset.

It doesn’t happen if I just use the z axis. But as soon as I introduce x and y axis displacement I get holes. Nothing I’ve tried fixes it. You can see a demonstration of the issue in the video below.

I followed this tutorial: Creating water in UE4: Waves - YouTube

I even downloaded the material used in the video, and it has the same issue.

Changing the bounding box doesn’t fix it, neither does changing the collision mesh, or anything else. I know some internals of UE5 changed, so I’m wondering if this has to be done a different way now. I’ve subdivided my planes a ton trying to fix this, so I don’t think that’s the issue either.

Hi there! I have same issue in ue 5.1. Just wonder did u fixed it?

Looks like its a bad tutorial.
No issues or anything like it on custom math derived from the original cpu gems papers.

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