World position offset distortion issues

Hi folks,

I’m trying to squash a sphere to simulate a very large planet and I can’t squash it using the transform tools as I need it to rotate so I’m squashing it using world position offset in it’s material.

The problem is that it deforms really badly when I make it an elipsoid. It dosen’t matter how big or small the original mesh is, it still distorts like this regardless. I’ve tried tesselating it up and it makes the deformations worse. I’ve tried changing the smoothing groups of the mesh and it makes no dfference.

am I doing something wrong or is this a limitation of floating point numbers?

Of course if anyone can suggest a better idea of how to do this, then I’m happy to hear them :slight_smile:



Hi, Paul

Probably you’ve got to use geosphere like in 3d max

Hi ZCoon,

Thanks for the answer, I tried making a geosphere in Max, and it did improve it a bit but I’ve still got issues with it. How did you get yours to work? Did you try copying my blueprint to try to reproduce the issue?

Hi Paul

I followed your blueprint

It’s geosphere with radius 5000 cm and squash amount -2500,

it’s looks like if squash amount is greater then half radius, it will make unwanted distortion, next squash amount -4500 and it’s looks badly

Can you describe in details what result you want to reach?

Hullo, what I’m after is this kind of slight curved effect.

So it’s spherical, but looks squashed because of the size of the sphere.

No, that’s still spherical, the viewpoint is just very close to the sphere’s surface.

True, it’s still spherical, :slight_smile: but the idea of squashing it is to get round the issue that UE4 cant handle a real sized Earth mesh. It’s a smoke and mirrors approach, but I’m open to other ideas of creating something of this scale.

Depends on the viewpoint of your scene - if the camera is that close, just use a sphere section. Also, UE can easily handle pretty ■■■■ complex meshes :wink: