World position offset causing mesh duplicates?

Hi, so I was watching this tutorial on Youtube about how to create water with world position offset, but for some reason it is causing a duplicate of my mesh to appear below the actual mesh, but not fully rendered. The person fixed something similar to this in the end of the video; however I tried those solutions and they didn’t work.

Here’s the [link][1] to the video

And a picture of my problem.

The picture is of the second attempt at the video, I went through it completely before, but this time I stopped at the world position part and that is when the problem started. So I know it is the world position.

Also here’s a picture of my blueprints for the material on the second attempt.

Please help soon

Thank you.

Or if you can please can you give me the link to another tutorial for a water shader that has world displacement


You should follow the Tutorial to the end he had a similar issue in the middle but at the end it was fixed. Alternativly you can check out this low Poly water Tutorial by Broad-Strokes) Jan if thats what you are going for.

Good Luck and have Fun

Was there ever a solution to this? I can’t seem to see the video link in OP’s original message. I’m experiencing it in UE5.1

Edit: I found why I had that issue. May not be related. My mesh was in a blueprint and had an Overlay Material on it. When i removed it, the duplicate disappeared.