World Position Offset and Mesh Collision

Im trying to get collision for my waves in my game, When using World Position Offset i achieve the exact effect i want but the collision for the plane does not change from being flat. How would i translate the change from WPO to the meshs collision? Ive been stuck with this for awhile… Even if i get confirmation this is not possible i can start looking into other possibility’s. Sorry i know this may not be in materials exactly.

WPO is something purely visual, processed in the vertex shader on the GPU and cannot affect collision, by definition. You mentioned waves, is this for water? If so, you shouldn’t be using collision but instead replicate the same wave algorithm from your material in BP or C++ to calculate the water height, then calculate and apply a force on objects to push them “out” of the water.

Thanks for the reply, im thinking about using this same method for land generation as well. Ive put together a proof of concept project and it seems to look nice and work well besides collision for both the water and the land. I dont think your method of applying force will work for land as im trying to place foliage on it and im pretty sure ill need collision for that. Ill try and remake my wave in BP to get the effect you were talking about for my water.