World Partition issues

Hi everyone!

I started working on a level using world partition because it was going to be relatively big. I have several small landscapes on it, a lot of megascans and foliage procedural volumes, all was going perfect and the performance considering the amount of geo on the scene was amazing. Suddenly I ran into a crash while re-simulating one of those procedural foliage volumes on the scene, after the crash Unreal started to act weirdly.

Since then I’m unable to navigate the scene, FPS dropped to 2-3, the foliage I tried to resimulate is all gone apart from a small patch which is selectable on the viewport but nowhere to be seen on the outliner and can’t delete it. If I go into this instanced foliage actor I can delete it’s children which deletes the foliage from the viewport but after saving the level and re-opening Unreal, a lot of errors come up, example of errors below.

I can’t duplicate the level as the duplicated one is completely empty, not sure why. Selecting the landscapes I have on the scene and try to convert them to an instance level doesn’t work either. I’ve been working on this for 3 weeks and now I feel all my work is gone, does anyone experienced the same issue with WOrld partition?? Thanks

MapCheck: Error: Actor Procedural Foliage references an actor in a different set of data layers PFV_Hallway_1
LogRenderer: Warning: Rendering a nanite mesh to a runtime virtual texture isn’t yet supported. Please disable this option on primitive component