World Locked VR Stereo Layer Shifting On Gear VR

I’m working on a Gear VR project and trying to use a world-locked VR stereo layer (quad) to display a text texture at a fixed position in the world. But I’m experiencing unexpected behavior.

If I run the game using the Engine’s “DefaultPawn”, the positioning of texture works correctly - it stays firmly rooted to the world location it is supposed to. However, if I run the game with a simple custom pawn that follow’s Epic’s recommended structure for VR pawns (shown below) then the texture shifts side to side as I turn my head. Deleting the camera component from the pawn fixes the problem but is not an acceptable solution (I’ll need to attach other elements as children of the camera later.)

Anyone know how to fix this issue? Ideas on what I may be doing wrong?

Intended Behavior (occurs with DefaultPawn or custom pawn that has no camera component). Notice the gap between the text on the left and monitor on the right is constant…


Observed Behavior (occurs when using Epic’s recommended VR pawn structure). Notice the gap between the text on the left and monitor on the right grows and shrinks as I turn my head…


Here is the custom pawn structure I’m using in which the incorrect behavior occurs:


…and here are the settings on the camera component:

Hi , any updates for this problem ?

Question, is your VR pawn rotated in the scene so that it’s starting facing the right direction? I’ve just observed this behaviour. If the VR Pawn starts at a Zero rotation, the Stereo layers behave as you expect them too. BUT, if you start with any rotation, or later create a rotation from teleporting etc. then the Stereo layers in World Tracking space will float as you move your head around.

The issue I was experiencing was fixed in a later version of Unreal Engine.

Dover8, I just posted an “answer” to my original question. The issue I was experience was fixed in a later version of Unreal Engine.

This issue is resolved in which engine version?

if you are having that issue look at the Mitch’s tutorial for Stereo Layers.
AT least I had to do a workaround where I use tracker locked with offset. I used world locked in an aircraft HUD and when the aircraft rotated there was odd float on the Stereo Layers (HUD). It was somewhere acknowledged to be a bug.
tutorial here:

at least on 4.24 I had to do this.