World Creator 2 or Sculpt Manually?

Hello community,

As I wrote in the subject, which way is the best practice to create landscapes?

Using the WC2’s landscape just for views and sculpt main landscape manually or is the WC2 appropriate for main landscape(playable) and views(not playable)? I mean what is the best practice not losing performance with using this 3rd party tool?

Is there someone having perfomance issue with heightmaps in WC2 in UE4 ?

Have a good day,

Hi, I haven’t seen any difference in performance between using a landscape from world creator 2 and manually sculpting. As far as I know there shouldn’t be any as long as you use the same resolution (1 meter per pixel). So if you would crank up the precision level in world creator 2 then you will see a difference in performance.
Right now I use a combination of both, so build the landscape in world creator 2 and then sculpt/smooth in unreal engine cause the landscape from world creator 2 just looks better than anything I can do with unreal engine alone.

A landscape of X resolution is the same whether you made the heightmap in a 3rd party tool or in-engine, it’s just a different method.

I like to create the layout of my landscape in 3rd party tools, then use brushes to sculpt in details afterwards.