World Creator 2 - A Procedural Terrain and Landscape Generator for Unreal Engine

Indeed it would be interesting to know more about it - please contact and we can discuss about it.

I’d definitely like to see this ported across to UE4 :slight_smile:

I’d be interested in this as a plugin, if there will be the following functionality:

  • Convert terrain into static mesh
  • Generate LODs
  • Slice terrain into chunks (preserving smooth transition from LOD to LOD)

Currently I do all that in Blender and then import chunks into UE4, then setup LODs for each piece. I end up with what I need (nice chunked terrain with LODs and LOD transition seamlessly), however it’s such a pain to setup in UE4.

I assume you’re doing that for background stuff?

Was that a question for me? :o

If so, no, it’s for actual terrain player/AI can walk on.

Then why are you converting it into static meshes? That doesn’t make sense to me.

A. Landscape doesn’t perform well on mobile, not to mention mobile VR; B. Tiled renderer can not cull triangles outside of FOV, plus UE4 doesn’t have distance culling for surfaces. Thus in order to cull terrain outside of FOV (or occluded parts) and use LOD, it has to be cut into pieces.

Like I said, this is the only way to have terrain, that looks and performs well, on mobile/mobile VR. I already use it and it works wonderfully. The only headache is setting it all up in UE4. So a terrain plugin that does all that for me would be a greatest gift :o

Will it be a runtime editable landscape?

Just posting to follow this thread. Let us know it this is the real deal.

All possible :slight_smile:

Sweet!!! :slight_smile:

There will be a runtime SDK available which can perform terrain generation during runtime but this is something that will be delivered after we have finished the stand alone and Unreal version of World Creator.

cant wait!

+1 from me :slight_smile:

Would love this so much!


I was lamenting my problem with my terrains in my game this week, and how the terrain tools in UE4 are threadbare. I have done things like downloaded terrain from Google and gone through the process of converting them to appropriate textures (this is all like shooting in the dark). I’ve used imagery from NASA. I’ve used World Machine which I hate.

Then while researching I stumbled onto World Creator which only works in Unity (which I no longer use).

THIS is how working with a terrain should be. This is amazing. I want it. I guess I can dust off Unity and try to export it, but to have this in UE4 would be fantastic. My work is in need of a terrain boost, and your software is a real tool…

please make a standalone or UE4 plugin. please.


Standalone is on its way :slight_smile: - ALPHA will be released this month :wink:

Nice, We’re about to buy a terrain solution and really looking at how world creator shapes up with UE4 before jumping on either this or world machine.

Will the Alpha work on Mac and can anyone use it or do you have to preorder?

The ALPHA should run on the Mac, yes - it is also important to use that Mac users send us ideas, suggestions and of course bug reports :slight_smile:

If you would like to get World Creator 2 before the final release data, than a pre-order makes sense. There will be of course also a “special” for customers who pre-ordered World Creator :slight_smile: