World Creator 2 - A Procedural Terrain and Landscape Generator for Unreal Engine

Hello everybody,

my name is from BiteTheBytes, the creators of World Creator 2 ( A few months ago we finished a Unity plugin of World Creator and heading now for the stand alone version (Windows, Mac and Linux). We were told that some people were asking for an Unreal plugin and that is why I have started this thread.

We would like to know if you would be interested in a plugin of World Creator for the Unreal Engine. Please let us know :slight_smile:

Looking at all the awesome renderings of Unreal it would be a pleasure to see World Creator terrains rendered at such a high level.

Kind regards,

I’ve been using World Creator for a while now and it is an excellent tool, although I have not had the chance to mess around with the Unity plugin so I’m not really familiar with it’s features. Assuming it is a full featured in-editor version of your world gen software I think that is something that would be very popular here, and I know I would buy it as soon as I was able.

Greetings welcome to the Unreal Engine forums, before the Unity plugin came out I was the guy who was nagging and asking you tons of questions about when the Unity plugin would be released so you guys could get started on the UE4 version. Now that your on the UE4 forums I trust that you will try to keep everyone updated and in the loop on the Standalone version and the UE4 version?

Would be really interested in a Plugin Version. A high quality world generator would be a huge addition to the Unreal eco-system!

very interested !!

We deferred purchase of WM when we found out about WC2 and have been waiting to see the UE4 version.

However, we have some reservations.

Will WC2 be able to export tiled terrains or will the plugin be able to tile terrains for use with World Composition?

Will there be a full featured river tool?

Can WC2 make very large terrains?

are you kidding? We surely need this for UE
(Plus, not everyone would visit this forum to view this thread though)

Yes I will keep you all updated :slight_smile:

Yes, every feature you mentioned will be part of World Creator. In about two weeks our Tiling System goes online on the Unity Asset store and we will do some nice videos where everybody can see the results. We also have just finished a Road tool inside World Creator and a River Tool will follow also within the next days. We will update our website next month introducing additional features.

Yes, yes and yes!!!

I have been interested the moment I saw WC2. :slight_smile:

yeah would be interested in this as a plugin for sure

Sounds super awesome! would love to see support.

I would buy it day one if its as well integrated as the Unity one appears to be :slight_smile:

Looks like something I’d snap up quickly.

I was looking at your website earlier today and just saw this thread. I would definitely buy this as a plug-in.

This is very interesting. I’m excited to see this plugin!

Awesome! Can’t wait to see it.

If you need help with UE4’s plugin API, let me know; I may help :slight_smile:
I gonna buy this when the desktop app release.

YES YES YES! I have been begging for this for some time now